Jeff Bullas: Twitter Influencer on #socialmedia


Twitter Influencer = Quantity + Quality

If you google “Jeff Bullas”, the first link you will get is Jeff’s blog – Jeff builds this blog to help business and personal brands with digital social media marketing. It has been awarded as “Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers”, “Top 10 Social Media Blogs 2010”, “Top 10 Social Media Blog Winner 2102 “, etc. Taking advantage of the popularity he has gained, Jeff combines his twitter account with the powerful blog by sharing key ideas and links of his blog posts.

As a social media expert, his twitter attracts followers who are seeking for professional ideas about social media. Jeff’s tweets focus on the specific topic – social media, as reflected by the analysis from The consistent information about social media he provides brings people with same interests together, to form a community on twitter. Further, as a powerful blogger and famous social media professional, Jeff creates content that people regard as credible and authentic information source.




The frequency of tweets is also a key point that attracts followers. From the analysis on, Jeff keeps tweeting every hour throughout every day. Large amount of information ensures followers who are active in different time can always find what they want.




Idea #1: Comment on Jeff’s tweets and promote his blog and book for him

Although many followers ‘retweet’ or ‘favourite’ his tweets, there’s not many professional comments under his posts. Provide some comments with innovative and inspiring ideas to attract Jeff’s attention. Besides attractive ideas, adding a link to one’s blog may lead to potential opportunities.

Jeff has also wrote a book about blogging (Blogging the Smart Way – How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media), and articles promoting his book can be found on several blogger’s website. Give some words about his blog and book may interest him.

Idea #2: Create and tailor content for Jeff Bullas

As a blogger updates frequently, professional ideas about social media may be valuable to Jeff. Based on Jeff’s ideas and posts, tailoring content for him can be an effective way to engage him. Choose topics that help to build online reputation, such as ‘How to Get More out of Your Social Sharing Buttons’, will definitely draw Jeff’s attention.


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